International Presidents and their Themes
(Themes were not used prior to 1970-71)
Year President Theme
1970-71 Charles C. Campbell Mission: Improvement
1971-72 Norman L. Shipley Commitment to Action
1972-73 S. Phil McCardwell Dedicated to Service
1973-74 Ronald E. Thompson Challenge the Summit
1974-75 Ralph Glasscock Desire-Dedication-Determination
1975-76 Patrick L Grady United We Serve
1976-77 Richard S. McAnany Committed to Excellence
1977-78 Don L. Arnwine Friend of Youth
1978-79 Dudley D. Williams Friend of Youth
1979-80 James F. Creed, DVM Lengthen Your Stride
1980-81 Lionel Grenier Come with Me
1981-82 Seymour Silverman Spirit of Service
1982-83 Donald E. Strub PRIDE
1983-84 Donald J. Hand RISE (Reason, Integrity, Strength, Enterprise)
1984-85 Ardyn J. Long Promise Yourself
1985-86 James E. Attarian Be a Star
1986-87 Lester R. Craft Serve with Honor
1987-88 Kenneth G. Loach Integrity-Growth-Service
1988-89 Fernand Rondeau Wake Up Your Dreams
1989-90 Kenneth E. Monschein Action
1990-91 Tate Thigpen, M.D. Light the Way
1991-92 Donald B. Mills A United Spirit
1992-93 John R. Reel Celebrate Our Heritage, Our Future
1993-94 Charles R. Wiles Soar with Optimism
1994-95 Jean Mercier For a Better World
1995-96 J.C. Boone, Jr. Excel for Others
1996-97 Clifton I. Katz In Our Hands
1997-98 J. Wayne Smith Renaissance: Commitment to Growth
1998-99 James H. Hubbard Teamwork
1999-2000 1999-2000 Andre Dubois Vision 2000
2000-01 Robert L. Garner Mission
2001-02 Jerry Henderson Attitude
2002-03 William H. teague Where Every Kid Counts
2003-04 Dwaine R. Sievers Yes We Can
2004-05 Yves Berthiaume I Believe
2005-06 Dr. Michel Listenberger Bringing Out the Best in Kids
2006-07 Ronnie Dunn Love
2007-08 Theodore Golding Bringing Out the Best in Children
2008-09 Donald R. Sievers Give Me “Five” for the Kids
2009-10 Mark O. Shriver IV Promise Yourself for the Kids
2010-11 Danny Rodgers Bringing Out the Best in Kids
2011-12 Jack Creswell 100%...and Then Some
2012-13 Jean-Claude St-Onge For the Future
2013-14 Ron Huxley MO
2014-15 Ken Garner Bringing Out THE BEST in Kids
2015-16 Dave Bruns Bringing Out the Best in Youth, in Our Communities, and in Ourselves
2016-17 Jim Kondrasuk Together We Can
2017-18 H. Nick Prillaman Optimist Strong – Be the Difference